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Pearson Greenhouse

1960 - 2018

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Pearson Greenhouse

Jordan order to cap the greenhouse well

Pearson Greenhouse

Jordan Independent - Don't close my well!

MN Statutes 103i.111 Subd. 3.Preemption unless delegation.


Notwithstanding any other law, a political subdivision may not regulate the construction, repair, or sealing of wells or borings unless the commissioner delegates authority under subdivisions 1 and 2.

  The City of Jordan is a political subdivision.   The City of Jordan may not regulate the sealing of wells.   The City of Jordan has never been delegated or granted authority to regulate wells.  City Administrator Ed Shukle, PhD, Public Works Director Dave Bendzick, (JHS graduate) and the city attorney, Annette M. Margarit, performed no due diligence.  In creating the ordinance and enforcing it they violated MN Statutes.  Not to mention the consternation and expense ($15,000 to seal a well) of property owners and waste of taxpayer money.

Andy Pearson

11-8-17 letter of concern by Les & Sue Quatmann

11-20-17 Jordan Planning Commission recommendations

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